I'm an astrophysicist, graduate student, musician, martial artist, computer programmer, science fiction writer, and wanderer. I've been a physics tutor, lab instructor, resident assistant, class president, librarian, furniture salesman, and fry cook. Currently I'm pursuing a childhood dream and it ends in outer space — perhaps even on another world.

Someday I'd like to earn a doctorate, get my wings, and become an astronaut.

I've earned a BA in astrophysics from Franklin & Marshall College. I'm currently earning my MS in physics at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I work primarily in the field of time domain optical astrophysics.

I'm from rural southeast Pennsylvania. On my father's side I am considered a third generation Sicilian-American. On my mother's side I have Italian, Pennsylvania Dutch, and Irish relatives. I'm currently working on digitizing and expanding my family tree. Aside from my two wonderful and supportive parents, I have a beautiful sister who is an artist, and a fuzzy cat named Liliko╩╗i.

When I'm not working on research or studying for exams, you can find me producing music, training diligently, writing stories, reading voraciously, all while probably drinking coffee.

4 Nov 2017